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A 70% subsidy for businesses in Western Macedonia through the NSRF

A 70% subsidy for businesses in Western Macedonia through the NSRF

Starting today, and for the next two months, the submission period begins for the program “Supporting existing SMEs in the areas of the Fair Transition Territorial Plans of Western Macedonia & Megalopolis” with a budget of €30,000,000 through the NSRF (National Strategic Reference Framework, ESPA). The program aims to support existing businesses in areas affected by the reduction of lignite production, in order to utilize their existing experience and expertise with the goal of maintaining and improving the competitiveness of local economies and/or creating new competitive advantages.


Target audience

The program is intended for existing medium, small, and very small enterprises, with funding applications ranging from €20,000 to €100,000. Additionally, there is a specific provision for newly established and start-up businesses through a pre-announced program focused on business establishment and support in the targeted regions.


Investment targets

The program funds investment plans that aim to leverage and develop modern technologies, processes, and tools in the production process, upgrade the quality of produced goods or/and services provided, and their overall activities, including actions that utilize modern technologies and infrastructures. Indicatively, but not limited to, an investment plan may include the following expenses:

  • Expenses for buildings and surrounding areas
  • Equipment & transportation expenses
  • Software expenses
  • Service provision expenses


How can we help

IP Partners can support a wide range of eligible expenses under the categories of “Digital Office Equipment” and “Service Provision Expenses,” without any restrictions on the type and limits of the expense. Here’s a detailed breakdown:


Digital Office Equipment


Eligible expenses include the procurement, transport, and installation of digital equipment such as:

  • Desktop computers
  • Laptops
  • Peripherals (keyboard, mouse, UPS)
  • Digital telephone systems
  • Multifunction devices (printer, scanner)
  • Teleconferencing equipment (speakers, headsets, cameras)
  • Interactive boards and presentation remotes
  • Server equipment supporting in-house application operations
  • Digital projection systems
  • Barcode readers and barcode label printers
  • Portable data storage devices (hard drives)

Expenses for tablets, mobile phones, and televisions are not eligible.


Service Provision Expenses


  • Services for the supply/use of Software under a “Software as a Service” (SaaS), “cloud computing”, or similar regime. Eligible are all types of expenses related to the procurement, installation, and customization of the software.
  • Technical Studies necessarily connected with the investment plan’s expenses.

This comprehensive support range allows businesses to modernize their operations significantly, improving efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness in the digital age.


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