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Cloud storage services offer certain file protection mechanisms, such as maintaining the last changes (file versioning) and keeping them for a period after deletion (recycle bin).   Nevertheless, they have many limitations that can lead to data loss:  

  • File versioning in OneDrive for Business/SharePoint Online is limited to the last 500 versions. This might seem like a lot, but a Word document changes almost with every sentence you type.
  • The retention period for the recycle bin of the same platform is limited to a maximum of 93 days for the user (first stage) + another 93 days for the administrator – owner (second stage). If this period passes without someone realizing the loss of the files, they are permanently deleted without warning.

  Caution! The entire cloud concept is based on what cloud vendors refer to as shared responsibility. In a nutshell, the cloud provider is responsible for the application, but the data is the exclusive responsibility of the customer.   Other important reasons to use a cloud backup solution like Acronis Backup for M365 include:  

  • Backing up significant information such as mailboxes and Teams groups (max. recycle bin duration is 30 days in both cases).
  • Compliance with standards that require data retention beyond specific time periods (e.g., medical records).